The following are examples of services that MCM is able to provide for you:

Bidding and tendering support

MCM can review tendering documents and assist with bid preparation. MCM can also provide custom template tendering documents such as RFP’s and NRFP’s.

Case summaries and citations with covering letter

MCM can prepare annotated lists and summaries of cases on any issue for your use in constructing an argument or opinion.  MCM can provide you with the cases or the cases with summaries to help support a position or strengthen your argument.

Contract drafting

MCM can update existing templates using plain language, and can prepare entirely new template agreements for general use. MCM can also prepare custom agreements for specific projects.

Factual research

MCM can conduct research on more than just legal issues or the law.  We can provide background assistance on technical, business, and medical issues.

Fairness advising

MCM’s past in-house tendering experience makes us well-suited to act as a fairness advisor to oversee public tendering processes for you.

Ghost-written papers, articles and presentations

MCM can assist you with writing papers for publication or presentation.  We can draft the entire paper or presentation or complete only the research, as requested.

In-house questions

Corporate legal departments are able to hire MCM to answer questions that are frequently posed by their employees.

Litigation support

MCM can draft pleadings, review documents and prepare Affidavits of Records, prepare discovery questions, and assist with any aspect of trial preparation. MCM can also research and analyze issues on appeal and draft facta, including the Book of Authorities, as requested.

Policy analysis support

MCM can help you by conducting required background research to help with policy creation and analysis.

Quantum assessments

MCM can complete quantum assessments for simple or complex injuries.

Research memoranda

MCM can research and draft memoranda on any legal issue.  The final memorandum is provided to you in Word and PDF format, with the supporting authorities.

We believe that with MCM as a member of your team, you will be able to deliver legal services to your clients in a more efficient, cost-effective and timely manner.  The list above is not a complete list of services MCM is able to provide, so if you do not find the service that you require, please contact us.  We would be pleased to work with you on any solution you require and will do the best we can to accommodate your request.


MCM Consulting and Legal Services is hired on a contract basis for each assignment. Our rate for services provided on a time basis is $175 per hour.  We are able to negotiate a flat fee arrangement with you, or you can cap the time that can be spent on an assignment.  MCM is also willing to discuss alternative fee arrangements.  Projects required on a rush basis will attract an additional charge to be determined in consultation with the client.