About us

We are pleased to introduce you to MCM Consulting and Legal Services, a partnership  comprised of two lawyers physically based in the Edmonton area.

We are an exciting start-up legal consulting firm with virtual offices that permit us to bring our services directly to our clients, rather than making our clients bring their business to us.  MCM’s partners are experienced and well regarded lawyers admitted to the Alberta Bar that are capitalizing on the trend emerging in the legal industry to outsource legal services that are difficult or uneconomical to provide in-house.  MCM’s focus is to use our exceptional drafting and legal research skills to produce clear, concise and accurate documents for use by lawyers practicing in Alberta, more efficiently and cost-effectively than can be done within the traditional firm model.

The Team

Each of MCM’s two partners are valuable contributors, bringing different strengths and talents that, when combined together, form an extremely capable, competent and reliable team.


CathrynCathryn Duxbury

In my 21 years at the Bar I have been exposed to numerous areas of the law.  Having spent the majority of my career as a litigator, I handled all aspects of litigating construction, bidding and tendering, breach of contract, and personal injury claims;….

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MartaMarta Caufield

In my seven years at the Bar I have been given the extraordinary opportunity to assume responsibilities typically reserved for more senior counsel.  Immediately upon joining the City of Edmonton’s Law Branch I was entrusted with primary responsibility for providing advice…

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